"Feed Your Ego!"

Brunch, Lunch, Dinner, Cocktails, & Live Music

The Perfect Blend of High-end Dining & Premier Entertainment

Located just outside The Woodlands, Ego Cuisine and Music is set to redefine indulgent dining and entertainment. Experience the unrivaled, the unforgettable, the ego-stroking indulgence.

Lunch and Dinner


weekly Events

Karaoke Tuesdays

Join DJ Socialite on the mic every Tuesday at 9 pm for Karaoke night at Ego Cuisine and Music, where you can take center stage and belt out your favorite tunes. Make it a weekly ritual and let your voice shine, all while savoring our delicious food and drinks.

Spicy Thursdays Salsa Night

Get ready for Spicy Salsa Night at Ego Cuisine & Music with a live band that's sure to set the stage on fire. 💃🎶 🎶 Join us soon for a night of Caliente rhythms, delectable dishes, and live band energy that will make your midweek unforgettable. 🔥 It's a hump-day celebration you won't want to miss! Stay tuned for the sizzle! 🔥


Big Birthday Celebration for Mr. Lynn Smith & Alfred Young the Party of all Parties 🎶

MAY 26th

Join us for Our Awesome Memorial day Celebration

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Ego Cuisine & Music, offers a perfect blend of high-end dining and premier entertainment, setting a new standard for indulgent dining experiences in Conroe, TX. This venue is designed to redefine what it means to dine out, offering an unrivaled and unforgettable experience that caters to those seeking to indulge their senses. With a focus on fine dining for both lunch and dinner, Ego Cuisine & Music invites guests to “Feed Your Ego!” in a setting that promises more than just a meal. The establishment also hosts a variety of events, including a grand opening and masquerade ball, spicy salsa nights, country music evenings, and soulful R&B weekends, ensuring that every visit is a memorable one. Whether you’re looking for an exquisite meal or an evening filled with entertainment, Ego Cuisine & Music is the place to be in Conroe, TX.